The Story About HITCHHIKER


Hitchhiker is a producer, songwriter, recording artist, guitarist, dj, visual artist and a director.

His compositions combine elements of breakbeat, hip hop, electro, baltimore, baile funk (also known as funk carioca), dutch house, footwork, ghetto tech, rave and asian folk. He released his debut song “11(Eleven)” in September 10 2014 from his own independent label, FIT.Records. His later work marked an evolution in his musical style with the use of rare unusual sounds, which garnered critical acclaim for his own distinctive style of music. At the same time he also developed an interest in 3D animation, as you can see in "11(Eleven),” where all the visual art is designed by himself. This bizarre, uncanny, unique, and comic visual art made him an underground sensation.

HITCHHIKRE PROJECT: Unique, Never-before-seen work as a charaterized musician.